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Celebrating Miriam Cremer's 50th birthday

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Miriam turns 50!

I have reach my 50th birthday. FIFTY! It’s hard to believe I have hit this life milestone. My 83-year old dad says, “Imagine having a 50-year old daughter!”

I know. It is all about perspective.

I also know I am incredibly lucky- I have a supportive husband and 2 beautiful children. I even was able to hobble through the Pittsburgh ½ marathon this weekend. My career is very fulfilling and I can honestly say that the work that we do at Basic Health International saves lives.

No one should die of a preventable disease and we are making strides to make elimination of cervical cancer a reality. How wonderful it would be to dedicate my next 50 years working on this important cause and giving women around the world the chance to have a life free of this devastating disease.

Please donate to my birthday fundraiser so that we can continue to make a difference. My goal is to raise $5,000. This amount can provide screening for almost 1000 women. We will also assure that they will get treatment and prevent cervical cancer. Every bit helps.